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Bouchay …
A Mobile Digital Payment App Designed for Independent Professionals

Bouchay is a mobile peer-to-peer encrypted digital payment app delivering privacy and immediate payments for any type of booking.
Get paid every time with no chargeback policy plus 15% cancellation fee. Never be denied use like all other payment services.
Bouchay can be used for
  • Appearances

  • Film/Photo Shoots

  • Event Staffing

  • Travel Companions

  • Appointments

Cash is a pain in the ass for clients, Bouchay is not.
Bouchay's digital one tap digital funds transfer increases the bookings by 500% and doubles repeat business. increases business 10 fold. 5 times.
Talent does not pay any fees with Bouchay like:
Cash App. $45
Venmo. $30
Zelle. $29
(based on $1,000 payment)
Client does not pay agency fees. Can reduce booking cost by as much as 80%.
Bouchay uses a two tier pricing structure to cover fees and expenses.
Immediate payment, cash transferred to your bank account.
Save bookings for recurring business.
Next month Bouchay is to provide client background checks for an added layer of safety for professionals on the go.
You're invited to Bouchay Business's New Years Ball at Ceasar's Palace.. Scheduled to perform include Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Kesha among others.

Bouchay is made for you

Bouchay Business is a talent agency mobile digital payment app that transfers client payments to both talent and agency.

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Bouchay is legally and financially compliant with all municipal, regional, state and federal statutes, guidelines and laws.

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